Portfolio Mortgage Loans


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What is a Portfolio Mortgage Loan?

Portfolio mortgage programs use alternative underwriting policies to finance a non-traditional bank loan at an assigned risk-adjusted rate combined with larger down payments.  We'll help plan a strategy to help get you into a home and enable you to purchase or refinance property when your financial or credit situation improves. 

For example, Self Employed borrowers with good credit and assets can get approved using a minimum of 12 months of business bank statements or a CPA prepared P&L statement. Borrowers who are one day out of bankruptcy or foreclosure with a down payment as low as 10%.  Retired individuals with assets may qualify using a asset depletion mortgage program to calculate income.  We also offer jumbo loans up to $6 million.

A real estate investor looking to purchase, refinance or cash out on an investment property, may consider a Portfolio Mortgage.  We offer loan options a 30 year fixed or Adjustable loan program for 1 to 100 unit properties in Top/Standard market tiers with Purchase or Cash Out options available using the Debt Service Coverage loan program, no income, no employment verification, no tax returns.  Mixed Use property 2-30 units financed at 75LTV,  You can hold the property title in either personal or corporate name.  Available 30 year fixed, Interest Only or Adjustable Rate loan options.

If you have been turned down by your bank, we have Portfolio Mortgage Loans that cater to non-traditional borrowers such as: 

  • Self Employed: Use Bank Statement deposits to calculate alternative income.  No tax returns, No W-2 
  • Retired With Assets
  • Divorce Buyout
  • Second Chance Loans: Derogatory Credit- Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, collections
  • High Debt to Income Ratios
  • ITIN borrowers who do not have proper authorization to be in the US, no social security number
  • Investor property Debt Service Coverage Ratio loan, no tax returns required for 1 to 100 units
  • Mixed use property 50% residential and 50% commercial ok

Benefits Of A Portfolio Loan
  • High Debt To Income Ratio
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Loan Amounts to $1 million
  • Fast Two Week Approval
  • Alternative to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Underwriting
  • High Investor Concentration Is Acceptable
  • Condominium Association Litigation Is Ok
  • Finance 10 or more Investment Properties at 75LTV

We don't just act as mortgage brokers; we pride ourselves on being adept problem solvers, especially when it comes to unique circumstances.  Whether you're dealing with years of unfiled tax returns, employment history gaps or credit issue, don't lose hope.  Even if traditional benders have rejected you, there's a strong chance we can tailor a mortgage program to suit your requirements, whether it's refinancing for better terms or lower payments, or fulfiling your dream of owning a home. 

Reach out to us today at 908-722-9217 to start a conversation about your situation.  Or contact us by email.

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