Portfolio Mortgage Loans


If you have been turned down by your bank, we have Portfolio Mortgage Loans that cater to non-traditional borrowers who have retired with assets, need a divorce buyout,  or have credit issues such as collection accounts, one day out of Bankruptcy or Foreclosure.  Or a business owner who can't verifying income using tax returns.  Our Portfolio mortgage programs use alternative underwriting policies to finance a non-traditional bank loan at an assigned risk-adjusted rate and/or larger down payments.  We'll help plan a strategy to help get you into a home and enable you refinance when your situation improves. 

Our Portfolio Loan Options include self-employed borrowers with good credit and assets who can get approved using 12 months bank statements or CPA prepared P&L. Borrowers who are one day out of bankruptcy or foreclosure with a down payment as low as 10%,  and retired with assets may qualify using an asset depletion mortgage program as income.  We also offer jumbo loans up to $6 million, Investor No Income, Verified Asset, No Tax Return Program Refinance Investor or Fix and Flip, no seasoning maximum required for 80LTV.  Debt Service Coverage Loans .75 to 1 (Property Gross Rent > subject Principal, Interest, Tax, Insurance payment) as well as ITIN loan: borrowers who do not have proper authorization to be in the US and do not possess a Social Security number but instead a ITIN number.

If you're looking to purchase an investment property, we offer a 30 year fixed loan program 1-100 units properties in Top/Standard market tiers, with Purchase or cash out options available using the Debt Service Coverage loan program,  no income or employment verification, and no tax returns required. Mixed Use property up to 2-30 units at 75LTV.  You can hold the property title in either personal or corporate name.  Available 30 year fixed or Interest Only loan options to qualify for higher loan amount.